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Yes, it is one hundred plus degrees outside, and the humidity is through the roof. But, at Thornhill Catering we are already thinking about Holiday Parties.

That wonderful time of the year when the leaves turn bright orange, the crisp fall air has us all snuggled on the couch watching football, friends drop by to share the joy that the holidays bring.

And while that should be enough to stir your dreams, the holidays also bring visions of seconds and third helpings of succulent traditional dishes. That means turkey, homemade dressing, cranberry sauce, fresh hot rolls, and don’t forget the pecan pie.
Starting about November first, our kitchen will open at 1 am to slow roast your ham and turkey to perfection. We take time to cook and prepare all your favorite sides, just like dear ole Mom did when you were younger. Then we load it all in hot storage units designed to keep food fresh and hot for hours and deliver it straight to your boardroom, or kitchen.

Place your orders early, we always run out of availability for our Holiday Feast.

Bon Appetit!