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There are as many ways to cook Brisket as there are different types of smokers. At Thornhill Catering we believe the right way is slow and low. Low temperature, 225 degrees, and cook it till it falls apart, usually about 10 hours, but there is no exact science. But, I get ahead of myself. First, start with an untrimmed brisket in the 10 to 12-pound range. Some, they are wrong, say to trim the fat off. NO!!! Leave all the fat on and when ready to cook, place in the smoker with fat facing up so as the meat cooks the juice keeps the briskets moist and flavorful.

Before you place in smoker, put a generous amount of your favorite rub (sorry ours is a secret J) all over and allow to marinate in the fridge for at least two hours.

The next part is probably the most important. KEEP THE HEAT CONSISTENT. Make sure you either have a thermostatically controlled gauge to constantly monitor the cooking temperature adding wood as it dips below your desired range.

The wood you use is entirely personal preference, hickory, mesquite, oak, and others all change the flavor of the brisket, have fun and experiment.

You know the old saying, stick a fork in me, I’m done. Well, we like to think that came from a pitmaster. Because, the best way to tell if your brisket is done, is to stick a fork in it and twist, if it twists easily, it’s done.

Take out of smoker and turn upside down, fat should be on top. Look for how the grain runs from end to end and cut across the grain for the most tender cut.