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Plano Corporate Event Catering

Of all Plano corporate catering companies, Thornhill Catering is one of the few that treats each client as an individual with specific needs. We tailor our corporate catering services in Plano TX to make sure you get exactly what you want for your event.

This is why we have been the caterer of choice to several of Plano’s corporations and local companies for years. We always strive to make the right impression while providing our corporate catering services in Plano TX and anywhere else.

What makes our Plano corporate event catering different?

Unlike many other Plano corporate catering companies, Thornhill Catering provides unique and inspired food that strays from the norm — and we have been doing so for more than 30 years. Here are other things that make our corporate event catering in Plano TX different:

  • Affordable: Some corporate catering companies in Plano TX can be expensive but we provide affordable catering services without sacrificing quality. We offer several options you can pick from to save money.
  • Flexible: While other companies that offer Plano corporate catering services are very rigid about what they will, and will not, do, we are known for being flexible to almost any catering need. Apart from that, we are always ready to handle almost any of your last-minute requests.
  • Our friendly team: Cultivating a good relationship with you that involves open communication is very important to us. We want to understand your needs and offer our expert opinion about any questions you might have.

Apart from the above qualities, our team also constantly trains on the latest industry trends. We do this because we want to exceed your expectations no matter what request you have for your event.

While other Plano corporate catering companies might serve certain types of events, Thornhill Catering handles weddings, black-tie galas and even team lunches in the office. It does not matter what size of event you have, we will work to remove any hassle and confusion that comes with any even. Contact us today at (972) 401-3336.