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Can you do “___”?  Sometimes it’s an exotic food like Ethiopian.

And while our Chef prides himself on being extremely knowledgeable, at Thornhill we will never say yes, just to get the business. Your event, a wedding, awards ceremony, year-end celebration, whatever the event, to you it is probably the biggest day of the year. If we aren’t one hundred percent sure we can perform at a high level, then we would have to say no.
At Thornhill Catering we have learned in our thirty-two years to focus on our strengths, tasty affordable food, exemplary customer service, and fun exciting, well-organized events. For example, recently we had one of the great regular customers come to us and ask if we could do something different. They had achieved their goals for the quarter and wanted to reward the employees. After a little brainstorming, we came up with a State Fair theme. We served their 950 employees Turkey legs, cotton candy, popcorn, and of course corn dogs on a stick. The employees loved it. Everyone at Thornhill loved it too.
Of course, we want all business. After thirty-years we’ve learned to stick to our core principals of our people makes the difference. But, we refuse to compromise on quality, when our reputation is at stake, the food must come first. 
Bon Appetit!