Are you out of options for Mesquite last minute catering? Well, with Thornhill Catering, you never are — we thrive in situations where clients rely on us for urgent, last minute work.

The hospitality industry is a fast-paced one. Challenges and needs can crop up almost out of nowhere, which is why we started offering Mesquite next day catering that will prove to be:

  • Responsive: When time isn’t on your side, you can expect our team to move quickly in order to collect information about your event and needs. When it comes to last minute catering in Mesquite TX, our customer service staff will help you make the right selections in regards to food, tables, chairs and other accommodations.
  • Reliable: We’ve been providing Mesquite last minute catering for over 30 years, and we meet the needs of our clients every time. You can trust that, when you work with us, your event or catering needs will be met to perfection.
  • Friendly: It’s called “hospitality” for a reason. In addition to our high-quality, chef-inspired food options, we provide our clients with friendly, capable servers that will make sure everything is in place and that you and your guests are being treated in a friendly, positive manner.

On top of this, our Mesquite next day catering doesn’t gouge you on price. We offer affordable rates and a wide variety of service packages so that our catering can be accessible to just about any person or business. We want to focus on providing you with the best possible experience!