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Hurst Last Minute Catering

Hurst last minute catering doesn’t have to be sloppy and unprepared. Here at Thornhill Catering, we specialize in working with clients that have very last-minute needs and still want to provide a professional, enjoyable experience.


Lean on our team for Hurst next day catering

From business meetings to larger scale functions, like seminars, training sessions and more — our team can provide you with the planning and catering services that you require.

It’s certainly not easy to provide such services at the very last minute, but we’re able to perform this work admirably because we have:

  • A skilled staff. Our team is filled with full-time employees that are highly trained and skilled within their roles. From our head chef – Chef Javier – to the crews that deliver and set up all the accommodations, our last minute catering in Hurst TX runs like a well-oiled machine thanks to our staff.
  • All the necessary equipment. Some businesses are unable to provide Hurst last minute catering because they rely on third party vendors for certain equipment. We have all that stuff in our inventory and are able to deploy it at very little notice.
  • Fresh food always ready to go. We stay stocked on top-shelf, fresh ingredients. This allows us to offer our Hurst next day catering clients with extensive menu options. Our team would be happy to help you piece together a menu that is perfect for your event.

If a last-minute event or function has popped up, please let us know about it as soon as possible. We’ll move quickly to get prepared and offer you a great experience.


Trust in Thornhill Catering for all of your event planning needs

Thornhill Catering has been in the business since 1984. Not only is our Hurst last minute catering reliable, but we also offer full-service catering for your private or corporate events. Please keep us in mind for your future gatherings.