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Grand Prairie Last Minute Catering

So, you’ve found yourself in dire need of Grand Prairie last minute catering — do you know who to turn to? When you maintain an ongoing relationship with the team at Thornhill Catering, you will always have seasoned culinary and hospitality professionals in your corner.

That’s because, here at Thornhill Catering, we offer traditional catering services in addition to our highly reliable Grand Prairie next day catering. Whether your event is planned for months in the future, or you need a freshly scheduled business lunch catered in just 24 hours, you can rely on our team for helpful service.


About our last minute catering in Grand Prairie TX

Thornhill Catering has the people and resources in place to throw together a delicious, catered meal and experience for your last-minute affair. And, just because our service is delivered at the last minute doesn’t mean the quality will suffer. In fact, when you utilize our Grand Prairie last minute catering, you can expect:

  • Reasonable pricing — we don’t try to take advantage of your desperation and gouge you on the price.
  • Crews that will arrive on time, as scheduled to load in, set-up, serve (if needed), tear down and haul away. It all moves like clockwork.
  • A big long list of menu items to choose from. We have a master menu that is available on our website, and our teams can work with you to choose from that to custom create a food line-up for your event.
  • A great experience! We’ve been in business for over 30 years mainly because we have a knack for delivering positive experiences for our many corporate and private clients.

We’re ready to hear about your last-minute event needs to see if our Grand Prairie next day catering can be of service.

Consult with a member of our team and see for yourself why Thornhill Catering is considered a leader when it comes to Grand Prairie last minute catering.