Who says you can’t have outstanding Garland last minute catering? Here at Thornhill Catering, our team is always ready to jump into action, creating perfectly catered meals and events for the clients we love — even if it’s at the last minute.

As a catering company of over 30 years, we have worked with an extensive list of corporate and private clients. Over that time, we’ve come to find out that, event planning rarely runs on a consistent schedule. In fact, it’s important to work with a catering company that is flexible and can adapt to your changing needs.

That’s why we offer Garland next day catering — for those moments where life doesn’t function on a clean, carefully timed out schedule. Our last minute catering in Garland TX is a great asset for our:

  • Corporate clients: Whether a last-minute meeting has been called and our client needs a boardroom stocked with a delicious, substantial lunch or you’re throwing together a party to mark a milestone or accomplishment, our Garland last minute catering can tailor our service to meet the demands of your event — big or small.
  • Private clients: Corporate clients aren’t the only ones that require Garland next day catering. If you’re throwing together a last-minute personal event or celebration, then we’d love for you to think of us first. We offer a wide selection of food that you can add to your customized menu to ensure that your guests will leave full and happy.

With a team of hospitality and culinary rock stars, and a whole fleet of vehicles and stockpile of fresh ingredients, we’re not just ready to provide a catering experience for you on a last minute — we’re ready to provide a GREAT catering experience.

Learn more about our Garland last minute catering and what we can do for your event, by contacting a member of our customer service team.