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Frisco Last Minute Catering

Welcome to Thornhill Catering, where we provide Frisco last minute catering for those anxiety-inducing, urgent situations.

Our team works a lot with corporate clients. We understand the struggles that come with keeping up in fast-paced businesses. Meetings can be called last minute — meetings that require food and beverage. That’s where we come in handy.

With our Frisco next day catering, you can gain access to high quality, customized catering services that are tailored to meet the unique demands of your event. Our team has experience working in these high-pressure situations, and we’re confident that we can put together last minute catering in Frisco TX that will do your event justice!


Why is catering important?

For most events, a catering service is the most essential component. From meetings in the office to black-tie galas for dinner, having professional catering for your events means:

  • Keeping guests well fed. Especially in the corporate world, it can be a huge blow to productivity if your employees or clients are trying to do business while hungry. With our Frisco last minute catering, you are able to offer food that has substance and will keep everyone productive.
  • A direct reflection on you or your business. When you invite guests to an event, they’re going to associate their experience with you or your business. That’s why our Frisco next day catering services provides a 100 percent positive experience. From meeting dietary needs to making sure there are plenty of accommodations — your guests will associate you with greatness!

With Thornhill Catering, it’s almost never too late to bring an amazing catering experience to your event. Let our Frisco last minute catering service know about your needs and we can see what we can do for you.