What do you need out of Fort Worth lunch catering services? Chances are, our team at Thornhill Catering are able to address those needs effectively.

We’re a full-service catering company, meaning we can handle everything from Fort Worth dinner catering in addition to service for your breakfast, brunch, lunch and other events. Thornhill Catering has been one of the premier resources for event planning and catering since we opened for business back in 1984 — and we’re still going strong over 30 years later.

When it comes to our dinner, lunch or breakfast catering in Fort Worth TX, we specialize in:

  • Corporate events: We work with a variety of businesses in and around Fort Worth. These are clients that range from small businesses to large, Fortune 500 corporations. We can bring lunch catering services in Fort Worth TX to the boardroom in cases of meetings, seminars and training sessions or we can equip your formal, corporate events with professional, quality dinner catering in Fort Worth TX.
  • Private events: Of course, we don’t just work with corporate clients — we want to make your private events special, as well. With our Fort Worth lunch catering services and other services, we can provide your event with an extensive selection of inspired cuisine. We can work closely with you to tailor service that meets the needs of your event in terms of size, format and occasion.
  • Event rentals: While our Fort Worth dinner catering centers on our amazing food, there are some clients that rely on us for everything but the food. Thornhill Catering offers rental tables, chairs, glassware, silverware – anything your event needs to run smoothly and accommodate guests.