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Thornhill Catering is a thirty-four-year-old caterer. Often people ask, to what do we attribute our success and longevity? It’s an easy answer, people. Yes, our meals, sandwiches, and cakes are mouthwatering.

Who makes them? People, the right people. Many of our team members have been on this incredible shared journey for almost the life of Thornhill. I would love to say that I somehow created this esprit de corps. No, Thornhill and our great customers are just the lucky beneficiaries of catching lightning in a bottle. Sometimes the right team member just walks through your door and you are lucky enough to catch the twinkle in their eyes.

An example, years ago as I was heading out to deliver a proposal for a small convention as I left our kitchen and was walking to my car. A young man walked past me, nodded and smiled all while whistling a catchy tune. I remember thinking, “What a nice young man, the world needs more like him.” Then I thought, “So does Thornhill!”

I turned and asked the young man, “Excuse me, do you happen to need a job?” He turned and told me he was whistling because he was on his way to a job interview.

You can guess the rest, he never made it to his interview. We hired him and twenty-four years later his infectious smile and ever-present whistle still make our team and customers smile.

For thirty-four years our family has done everything to make you feel like our family. It’s not a slogan or a marketing campaign. It’s just the right way to live. You can frown and watch the clock all day….or you can whistle while you work.

See you soon!!!