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South Texas focuses on barbacoa, East Texas serves chopped beef, and West Texas cooks over direct heat in a style like grilling.

Brisket varies depending on where you are in the state, but when people use the term “Texas BBQ” it almost always translates to the Central Texas-style of cooking brisket low and slow over indirect heat. That is how we slow cook our brisket here at Thornhill Catering. We first marinate our meat in a secret rub for twenty-four hours. We then slow cook our meat with the fat still on over Hickory at 180 degrees for 10 hours. Why do we not trim our brisket? So, as the meat slowly cooks, the juice can seep into and add amazing flavor.

After the meat is ready, we wrap the freshly cooked brisket in saran wrap and foil to lock in flavors. Only when we are preparing your delicious meal, do we then slice the meat as thin as we dare. A brisket has two very different meat selections, moist and lean. The fat side, or moist, offers a higher fat content that is loaded with flavor. The lean side if cooked properly in no way mean dry or flavorless, it’s my favorite and maybe your too.

Meat is king and most brisket purist frown upon sides and even sauce. But, we’re not most people and Marcelo makes a potato salad that will turn any frown upside down. As to those that say the sauce is the boss. We partly agree. The best way to eat is to dip one piece of meat in the sauce, and eat one piece of brisket without, that is perfection. We prefer the spicier sauces that give a little kick, after all, this is Texas.

Other Brisket Options
Brisket Tacos. We take our slow-cooked brisket and pull the meat apart and stuff into a flour or corn tortilla along with fresh poblano, onions, and salsa.
Brisket Quesadillas. Brisket Burritos. Everything is better with Thornhill slow cooked brisket!!!!